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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

In My Rocks Box Lately

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August 14 Rocks Box
Carina Necklace: Loren Hope ($132) (purchase here): I considered this the holy grail of necklaces.  So, I kept it.  I know, this is a MUCH more expensive item then I normally purchase, but I did get the 20% off from Rocks Box, and I had some credits saved up.  However, I have been wearing the crap out of this necklace (here), and I've been selling a lot of clothes on Instagram.  So, I felt like I owed it to myself.

Lulu Pyramid Bracelet: Gorjana ($48) (purchase here):  I really loved this delicate bracelet.  It was perfect to wear with a stack or on it's own with a simple outfit that doesn't call for a plethora of bracelets (yes, those outfits exist for me).

Gum Drop Earrings: Urban Gem ($25): I loved this earrings.  Loved, loved, loved!  They were the perfect everyday studs....however, I already have a pair of everyday studs.  So, I pried this out of my hand and put them back in the box.

September 14 Rocks Box
Deco Pendent Necklace: Juliet & Co. ($60): I loved the style of this pendent.  It was right up my alley: sparkly and vintage-inspired.  The only problem was that the inner chain was too short and choked me when I put it on.  It also looked like a dog collar.  Pretty much that second chain ruined this necklace.  When will designers learn to keep it simple.

Alexander Multi-Gem Earrings: Urban Gem ($36): These were so gorgeous and, surprisingly light.  However, I had no wear to wear these (and an already huge pile of statement earrings that don't get out much).

Mae Shimmer Solitaire Ring Set: Gorjana ($38) (purchase here): I wore these rings everyday that I had them.  They were the perfect little pop and matched everything.  The went with casual jeans, work appropriate pencil skirts, and out to dinner dresses. And I learned that when you stop buying your jewelry at Forever 21, you stop getting green fingers.  Amazing.  However, I restrained from keeping them because I went crazy with last month's box and that necklace.

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