Penniless Socialite: Shoesday: Loafer Pumps

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shoesday: Loafer Pumps

Happy Shoesday! (and Anthro Sale Day, but a post about that will come later).  The inspiration for this post is J. Crew's Biella satin high heel loafer (swoon!) 
I love everything about this shoe: the satin, the color (sold out in pink), the heel height and it's non-leather-ness.  (I don't wear leather, but there will be more about that later).  The shoe falls short of being vegan because the satin is made from silk.  (again, more about my soap box in the future).  The only thing I don't like about this shoe is the price: $295?!?!?  J. Crew, who do you think you are?  I personally do not have $295 to spend on one pair of shoes.  I like eating and my landlord really likes it when I pay my rent.  I don't anticipate these ever going on sale, since they are already sold out in one color.  How good would these look with the spicy gold pencil skirt I just ordered from J. Crew?  So, until we all win the lottery, here are some budget-friendly options.  Unfortunately, none of the options I found come in the awesome teal color.
Loafer Pumps

Loafer Pumps by veggielawyer featuring high heels

Anne Klein Penny Loafer Pump (man-made materials)
$85 -

Anne Klein Penny Loafer Pump (man-made materials)
$85 -

Bookworm Platform pumps (leather)
$85 -
Penny Loafer Pump Shoes (man-made materials)
$25 -
ASOS Scholar Mid-Heel Crinkle Patent Pump
$82 -
Jones New York Ambure Pump (leather)
$80 -


Charles Albert chunky heels (man-made materials)
$49 -

Lauren Conrad Platform Penny Loafer high heels (man-made materials)
$49 -

Call it SPRING wedge heels
$30 -

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