Penniless Socialite: WELCOME!!! (to my self-indulgent corner of the internet)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WELCOME!!! (to my self-indulgent corner of the internet)

Welcome to Penniless Socialite!  This blog is the product of my misadventures with my best friend Elena (you can find her amazing photography here:  One day while shopping, Elena and I began discussing drug addiction and I stated, "I really don't have any vices.  Well, I guess I drink....and I overeat....Oh yeah, and I shop too much."  After reflecting on my lifestyle of eating and shopping, I decided to engage in the ultimate self-indulgent activity....BLOGGING.  So, here I am, eating, drinking and shopping like I'm an Upper East Side widow of an oil tycoon, on a middle class salary.

I'm still figuring out how to operate a blog, so please bear with me while I get this whole project up and running.  For now I will leave you with the current outfit I am craving.

Noon and Night Dress

Knit dress
$158 -

Dorothy Perkins gingham top
£7 -

Platform shoes
$45 -

Steve madden shoes
$55 -

Chain jewelry
$9 -

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