Penniless Socialite: Stuff I Bought: Patience is a Virtue

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stuff I Bought: Patience is a Virtue

My grandmother always said, "Patience is a virtue.  Possess it if you can.  Found seldom in a woman, but never in a man."  My patience finally paid off and the Noon and Night Dress is mine! I waited and waited and it finally hit sale today.  I have been craving this dress for months, but my iron will saved me a ton of money.  Unfortunately, I was too late to snag the red version, but I grabbed the gold. Here are some styling options that are floating through my head.

TopShop white shirt
$40 -

Oasis leopard tight
$9 -

Sofia Wedge
$70 -

Halation Necklace
$30 -

Kites and Constellations Cardigan
$118 -

Dorothy Perkins blue top
£20 -

Steve Madden patent shoes
$40 -

Fireworks Posts
$28 -

Chain jewelry
$4.50 -

Gossamer Cardigan
$78 -

Color Palette Tights
$14 -

Crystal Brulee Bracelet
$45 -

Miss Selfridge antique gold necklace
£5 -

Forever21 flower earrings
$3.36 -

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