Penniless Socialite: Stuff I Love: December Edition

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stuff I Love: December Edition

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Well, I might be exaggerating.  I don't know if this is all-caps important.  It appears as though Google Friend connect and blogger's following option are crapping out on us.  So, I've now signed up for Bloglovin'.  Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Happy December!! Here's my list of things that I love this month. It's no secret to any one that I love Christmas.  I love the trees, the lights, the ornaments, the movies, the presents...everything.
1. Eggnog (and eggnog flavored items).  I love a good egg nog and brandy in front of the Christmas tree.  However, egg nog (much like pumpkin) is a flavor that goes well with many foods.  One of my favorite egg noggy items is Starbucks' eggnog latte.

2. Method's Holiday Collection.  I love Method products.  Yes, it is sad that I get excited over household cleaning products.  This is what happens when you're in your late twenties and start accumulating pet cats: the little things in life become very exciting.  So, my love of Christmas and my love of Method are combined in one neat package with Method's holiday collection.  I can decorate with hand soap!!
3. Mad Elf Beer.  I love this beer.  It's malty and fruity and 11% alcohol.  Seriously, if you are the DD do not drink one of these.  

4. Cool Xmas Wrapping.  I love wrapping Christmas gifts.  I think it might be a result of my OCD need to make things coordinate.  I HAVE to wrap all my presents in the same paper or at least in paper that coordinates.  I also love the idea of embellishing plain gift wrap with little touches.  This year I think I am going to use the brown wrapping you used to use to cover your books and either glue doilies on it or embossed stamps.  I'll let you know how badly I screw that one up (see next fav thing).  
Awesome gift tags by Etsy Seller Pixel Impress

5. Xmas DIY Projects that I Can F-Up.  I always have very high hopes for my crafting abilities, misplaced hopes.  I am not crafty.  I'm good at taking other people's work and putting it together other people's work (into outfits or a decorated room).  Despite my lack of talent, I try every year to summon some sort of magical craft prowess and usually wind up frustrated and covered in hot glue.

There is a chance I can master this ornament wreath.  All it takes is a wire hanger, hot glue, a big ribbon, and some cheap Christmas balls.  Here's the tutorial.

5. Holiday Party Dresses.  I love an excuse to wear sparkly dresses and the holidays are the perfect occasion.  I am a bit disappointed in Anthro's selection of fun holiday dresses this year.  The only one I can foresee purchasing is the Dulcie Dress.  Here's how I would style it for a holiday party.  I do actually have 2 holiday parties to attend next weekend.  

Dulcie Dress
$158 -

Color Palette Tights , Purple
$14 -

£24 -

Forever21 glitter flat
$17 -

Dorothy Perkins purple jewelry
£13 -

Bounkit drop earrings
$385 -

J. Crew doesn't have much more to offer either.  But, hello, Banana Republic's Jacard Flare Dress.  I think the picture does a good job of styling it for me.
Modcloth also has some pretty sparklies for the holiday season.  Here are some of my favorites:

Max and Cleo vintage dress
$168 -

Pretty Polly black opaque tight
£5.60 -

Rsvp platform pumps
$99 -

Sequin clutch
$68 -

House of Harlow 1960 antique jewelry
£122 -

Tarina Tarantino post earrings
$25 -

ASOS metal bangle
$18 -

Pinup Couture bright dress
$108 -

Rampage shoes
$49 -

Rainbow handbag
$48 -

ABS Allen Schwartz stone jewelry
$75 -

Jada sparkle jewelry
$22 -

Armani Exchange gem jewelry
$38 -

Alexon party sunglasses
£30 -

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