Penniless Socialite: Stuff I Love: January 2012 Edition

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stuff I Love: January 2012 Edition

It's already the 12th of the month and I haven't even done my Stuff I Love list yet.  I've got a backlog of OOTD posts and so many other ideas swimming around in my head.
1. Ringer
So, admittedly, I was obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  So, when I heard SMG was making her triumphant return to TV, I was ecstatic.  And what a return it was, a double-crossing, evil twin, drug addiction, murder kind of triumph.  Ringer starts off with Bridget (SMG) escaping from witness protection after she witnesses a murder committed by a drug dealing mobster.  She flees to the safety of her estranged identical twin sister, Siobhan, who just happens to be married to a millionaire.  And wouldn't you know, as soon as she gets there her sister commits suicide, or so you think.  Bridget assumes Siobhan's identity and then the fun begins.  You can catch up on CW's website before the show's return on January 31st.

2. Rebecca Taylor
Since I've started shopping at Bloomingdale's (only for their after Christmas sale), I've discovered the wonder that is Rebecca Taylor.  Her dresses are feminine and flowy.  If it wasn't for the prices, they would be at the top of my wishlist.  However, a few of the items below are on sale at Bloomingdales....hmmm.

3. Bicycle Print
Have I lost my damn mind?  Do I need TWO articles of clothing with bikes on them?  YES, yes I do.

4. Bright Pumps
Bright colored pumps are everywhere this season.  I already have my bright blue pumps (seen here and here), but I crave more colors.  Target has an AWESOME coral pair that I am drooling over currently, but they are $30.  Who do you think you are Target?  I need them to be $20 before I crack.

Mossimo Pemota Chunky Heel Pump

And these lovely pumps lead me to my next January love...

5. Tangerine or Coral or whatever version of orangey pink you want to call it

6. Victoria's Secret Bombshell
Victoria's Secret Bombshell

This perfume is (I'm just going to say it) THE BOMB.  I'm usually not a huge fan of perfumes because I think that most smell like a potpourri ball inside my grandma's drawer.  (Did any one else's grandma keep a little satchel of smelly stuff in with her clothes...most likely from Crabtree and Evelyn?  No, I'm the only one with the crazy scented grandma?)  So, back to Bombshell.  This perfume is light and sweet.  Victoria's Secret tells me it contains vanilla orchid, yellow peony and purple passion fruit.  I assume that's a recipe for a form of scented crack, because I can not stop smelling it.  I've been wearing this perfume almost everyday and it somehow puts me in a good mood.

7. My Glam and Birch Box
It's pretty simple, you sign up for My Glam or Birch Box and receive a bag of 4-5 samples of beauty products each month.  You also have to pay $10 each month.  I just signed up for My Glam and I am super excited to receive my first bag of samples!  Their websites features product demos and tutorials for each of the samples each month.

I really need a signature here or something don't I?

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