Penniless Socialite: Banana Republic....Mad Men Collection...Can't Breathe

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Banana Republic....Mad Men Collection...Can't Breathe

I just got the brochure for Banana Republic's new Mad Men Collection, and I can hardly contain my excitement!  Banana Republic is hosting release parties at select stores on February 29th for Banana republic cardholders.  But, I can't make it to the closest one by 5pm!!!  I don't think perusing the new collection is an excuse to leave work early unfortunately.  So, I'll be looking at the collection with the masses on March 1st.

I'd love to show you the pieces in the brochure, but SOMEONE (i.e the Scot) misplaced my scanner cable. So here are the looks I could locate online.  I'll post some pics later if I can scan them at work.


Luckily, my favorite dress was pictured.  Seriously, I will knock old ladies out of the way to get to this dress.

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