Penniless Socialite: Shoesday: Colorblocked Shoes

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shoesday: Colorblocked Shoes

Jessica Simpson shoes
This post was inspired by Jessica Simpson's Bendie Heels.  I first spied these in Marshall's a few weeks ago.  I think they're a season or two old, but that doesn't make them any less fabulous.  The only thing stopped me from buying them was their complete impracticality.

Jessica Simpson Bendie Heel Look

Jessica Simpson Bendie Heel Look by veggielawyer

So, I found some colorblocked shoes that fit better into my life.
I love this first look because it contains my new favorite color combo: mint and coral.
Asos Block Wedges Look

Asos Block Wedges Look by veggielawyer

I've been drooling over these Simply Vera flats at Kohl's for a few weeks.  I'm patiently waiting for them to go further on sale.  I refuse to pay $50 for shoes at Kohl's.  And I've decided that orange and purple look good together.  Just get me on my purple Vespa and send me down to Boca to be with like-minded people.

Simply Vera Flats Look

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