Penniless Socialite: Stuff I Wore: Thrift FAIL (OOTD 1.14.12)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stuff I Wore: Thrift FAIL (OOTD 1.14.12)

I got the pictured mint scarf for $4 at the consignment shop on Main Street during my day with Elena and then promptly wore it to a birthday party that night.
I assume I was slouching over so far because the dog's butt was on my back.
Dress // Target (worn here, similar here)
Belt // Marshall's
However, I've realized that I need to thicken my thrift store skin.  I ventured out to a Goodwill on Saturday after I attended a class on NY civil procedure.  (Yeah, I went to school for a million years to become a lawyer, and when I do, I find out they make you KEEP TAKING CLASSES in order to be a lawyer)  I thought the shopping would raise my spirits after a thrilling 4 hours of civil procedure.  There was only one word to describe the Goodwill experience: HORRIBLE.  I drove around the parking lot for 10 minutes just looking for a space and when I got inside, it was absolute chaos.  Literally people throwing clothes and shoes around the store.  I think I took a clog to the back of the shin.  I could barely squeeze in between people to look at the racks.  And, if your mom has any Dress Barn clothes, do NOT send them to Goodwill.  They have reached maximum Dress Barn item capacity.  I left empty handed, but I might try again next a different location.
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