Penniless Socialite: Shoesday: Is this Back?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shoesday: Is this Back?

So, this week I totally thought I'd participate in the "Oh How Pinteresting" link up over at The Vintage Apple. But, since I worked a 15 hour day yesterday, you are getting a belated Shoesday post. I didn't even have time to finish up this simple little post until this morning.  And I HAD to post it because I really have a burning question for the community: Are canvas sneakers back?!?!?!

Target Canvas Shoes
I'm a little confused.  Please help me out on this one.  Do I have to break out my rainbow of leggings and slouch socks?  I've seen them at Target and Forever 21.  Is this what the youngsters are wearing these days?  If so, fashion really is cyclical and I will take some in leopard.  Seriously, between the canvas sneakers and the neon this season, I am reverting back to my elementary school self.  Oh god, I hope my braces, frizzy hair and freckles don't come back.
Canvas Sneakers

1. Forever 21 Lace-less Tennis Shoes, $13
2. Keds Champion Leopard Shoes, $40
3. Keds Champion Brights, $40
4. Mossimo Lace-less Canvas Flat, Target, $13

7. Forever 21 Vintage Print Tennis Shoes, $9.80

Canvas Sneakers Look #1

Canvas Sneakers Look #2

Canvas Sneakers Look #3

Canvas Sneakers Look #4

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