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Friday, March 30, 2012

Stuff I Wore: Spontaneity is Not My Strong Suit

Incorporated Dress // Anthropologie (get a similar look with a skirt and gray sweat shirt?)
Scarf // Old Navy, similar here
Belt // Target, similar here
Tights // Hue
Shoes // Target, worn here, similar here
Purse // Marshall's, similar here
I am not a spontaneous person.  I obsessively plan everything.  So, one Sunday when the Scot just suggested (at 11 am when I was still in my PJ's) "Let's go to Red Bank," I was not enthused.  I threw on my go-to casual dress and hauled myself into the car.  Red Bank is a cute little town on the Navesink River and contains a pretty decent brewpub called Basil T's.  After a delicious lunch and yummy craft beer, I thought we were going to walk around downtown Red Bank and peruse the antique stores and art galleries.  As we get into the car, the Scot says, "I should have mentioned, I ran four miles today, and I don't think I can walk."  So, we journeyed home.  Yep, we traveled 45 minutes for lunch and a beer.  This excursion proved to me that we are not spontaneous people.  Had we planned our Sunday (or the Scot mentioned how far he ran that morning), I would have suggested a destination that did not entail an afternoon of walking.  

I'm one of those super-planners.  I even keep an umbrella and rain coat in my car in case of spontaneous April Showers.  And that is my terrible segway into this week's Friday's Fancies, where the theme is APRIL SHOWERS.

Friday's Fancies - April Showers

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