Penniless Socialite: Stuff I Wore: Polka Dots and Unrestrained Idiocy

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stuff I Wore: Polka Dots and Unrestrained Idiocy

Shorts // Target (similar here in pink)
Yellow Flats // ??? (worn here, similar here)
Gray Tee // Macy's
Necklace // Candie's for Kohl's
Bracelets // Forever 21
Purse // Juicy Couture (worn here, similar here)
I really try to restrict my idiocy to non-working hours and weekends.  However, sometimes it creeps into the work day. 
I was writing an email to someone named Ted the other day.  A normal email, nothing unusual...until i realize I have addressed the email to TERD.  Luckily I caught it before I sent it and corrected the error.  However, I then I proceeded to laugh about how funny the word TERD is for  longer than an adult should.  When a co-worker asked me why I was laughing out loud alone in my office, I made up an excuse that I was watching that sneezing panda video.  Yep, they don't know I think TERD is a funny word, but now they think I watch animal videos in my office all day.  Great save...TERD....hehe.  Still funny.

TERD is a funny word and I like polka dots.  So, here's some polka dotty items from Target.

Mossimo Polka Dot Featherweight Raincoat

Junior's Illusion Maxi Skirt
Essential Shell Sweater
AND I have made it a full 30 days without shopping!!!  (If you don't count those bracelets I bought at Forever 21....OK I made it a full 30 days with only spending $6 shopping).  I'm calling this a victory.

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