Penniless Socialite: Update on the Runway at TJ Maxx

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Update on the Runway at TJ Maxx

Since I found out that my local TJ Maxx has a Runway department, featuring high-end designers like Rebecca Taylor, Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade, I have been stalking the store hoping that items would go on sale.  (read my last post about it HERE)  Finally, some items have started moving to the sale racks.  However, none of my coveted Rebecca Taylor pieces are on sale.

Kate Spade Gail Rhinestone Embellished Bow Dress - $89 (on sale)
It was available at Nordstrom for $160
Nanette Lepore - $79.99 (on sale)
Nanette Lepore - $79.99 (on sale)
Beyond Vintage - $69.99 (on sale)
There were also some new arrivals.  I am craving this Marc Jacobs skirt.  I love a great animal print!
Marc by Marc Jacobs Running Impala Skirt - $199.99
It was available at Neiman Marcus for $428
This dress is so sleek and sexy.  I don't have any where to wear such a thing, but for this price I am sure some ladies will find an occasion.
Rachel Roy Leopard Print Dress- $179.99
Was available at Bloomingdale's for $595
There were, however, some...let's just say...COMPLETELY FREAKIN' STUPID CRAZY PIECES.
Alice & Olivia - $199.99
Was available for $346.50
As I ventured out of the Runway department, I found this gem and screamed (in my head) OMG OMG OMG!  If I wasn't afraid every inch of skin would break out in a horrific rash, this stuff would be in my shower right now.
Lisa Frank Body Wash - no price too high

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