Penniless Socialite: Guest Post: Transitioning with Coffee and Cardigans

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Guest Post: Transitioning with Coffee and Cardigans

While I'm off galavanting through the highlands of Scotland, Callie is taking over the blog today to tell us how to dress for that awkward transition from Summer to Fall.  I won't be checking on the blog too much until Friday.  So, if you leave a comment and I don't respond, it doesn't mean I don't love ya!

Hello! I’m Callie and you can usually find me blogging over at Coffee and Cardigans. But I am thrilled to be here today, guest blogging for Tara while she’s on vacation.

 If you ask me, the transitional time between summer and autumn makes getting dressed awkward. Here in Oregon, we’ve gone from the mid-60’s and rain one day, to sunshine and heat the next. And I know we aren’t the only ones. Shorts and sundresses aren’t enough, but a pair of tights and boots with your favorite sweater dress might be overkill. See? Awkward transitional period. For me, learning to layer and balance my outfits has been helpful technique for surviving until the chilly days of autumn arrive. Layering pieces are my essentials this time of year: cardigans, light scarves, a trusty denim jacket. Pieces that I can easily throw on over my outfit and peel off later if temperatures get too warm. My denim jacket is one of my go-to pieces, since it goes with just about anything. I love throwing it over a dress or tank on chilly mornings or overcast days. 9 5 12 a Balancing out an outfit with seasonal pieces of also a help tactic when it comes to beating unpredictable weather. If I am wearing shorts, a skirt, or a dress, throwing a cardigan or light jacket on over the top added a little extra coverage and warmth. Or opting for a short sleeve shirt or tank when I’m wearing jeans or pants also helps to “keep the balance.” 9 13 12 a Personally, I can’t wait until autumn arrives in full force and I can wear tights, scarves, and long sleeves every day. Until then, I’ll be mixing and matching seasonal pieces to beat the awkward, unpredictable Pacific Northwest weather. What are your go-to pieces for surviving the summer-to-fall transition?
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