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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Loving Lately: Dorothy Perkins

I finally achieved the dream of shopping at a real life Dorothy Perkins during my vacation to Scotland.  It was actually my first stop when I got off the plane.  Ok, it was the third stop.  First stop was a nap and the second was a kilt shop for wedding duds.
Dorothy Perkins Shopping Spree

Dorothy Perkins Shopping Spree by veggielawyer

I have been admiring Dorothy Perkins items after they relentlessly show up on my Polyvore searchs.  After stocking up on cute dresses on trying on almost everything in the store, I settled on these items...and only spent abotu $150.  Everything I bought seems to be made a good quality fabric and nothing cost more than $50.  This is my kind of store.  I was also stunned at how well everything fit me.  I don't know if if was just the styles I was trying on, but I noticed that everything seemed to be made for women with hips.  I struggle to fit into pencil skirted items because of my rump, but I did not have any problems with sizing in DP.  Now that I understand UK sizing, I think I am confident enough to purchase some stuff online.
Dorothy Perkins Wishlist

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