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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Loving Lately: Winter Coats

I have a weakness for a flashy winter coat.  I currently have three.  I know it seems excessive, but I love them.  I have to have so many because I rarely buy a sensible winter coat in a neutral color or basic shape.  I have a green coat, a yellow coat with a fur collar and a ruffly black one.  Not a single one goes with everything.  Sort of a bad economic move on my part.  And here are some others that I am loving this winter:

Loving Lately: Winter Coats

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However, I do realize I need a basic winter coat, but I think a plain black coat is sooo boring.  Then, I saw this article on Lucky, "How to Make a Cheap Coat Look More Expensive."  Lucky suggests adding a belt, a brooch or a collar to a boring old coat.
Make a Cheap Coat Fancy 1

Make a Cheap Coat Fancy 2

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