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Friday, October 26, 2012

Sequins for Cents

Sequins for Cents

Have you ever just wanted to throw on a sequin dress and feel fancy?  I really have no need for a sequin dress at this stage in my life, but I might want to be fancy one night while I watch TV with the cats.  Therefore, I don't to pay a butt-load for a dress that essentially makes me a giant shiny cat toy.  Although I would love to have the sparkly Shoshanna and French Connections numbers on the left, it's just not in the budget.  I can just imagine my conversation with the Scot.  "Yes, i have set us back a month or so on our dream of buying a home, but look how shiny I am!"  Instead I might consider the more budget friendly versions from Modcloth, Ruche and Forever 21.  I am especially fond of that little cheap-o Forever 21 get up.  I could buy two in case the cats actually think it's a toy.
I'm also guest posting over on Close Encounters.  For a change of pace it's about TV and not fashion (or cats).

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