Penniless Socialite: Have a Drink, Cram Some Food in Your Face and Meet my November Swappers

Monday, November 19, 2012

Have a Drink, Cram Some Food in Your Face and Meet my November Swappers

Thanksgiving can be a lonely day for a vegetarian.  Tofurkey is just an inedible substance and my family puts sausage into the stuffing.  So, I drink all day and then fill up on pumpkin pie.  Even though I am normally a beer girl, I let lose on Thanksgiving and enjoy some cocktails....especially when it's chocolate.  So, I've got my November button swappers here to tell you what they love on Thanksgiving.

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Heather documents her adventures living in China with her adorable hubby...and provides some pretty sweet recipes like this Gooey Butter Pumpkin Cake.  If you're looking for delicious food recipes, I am not your lady.  I'll take my tips from Heather.  She's a girl that goes straight for the STUFFING on Thanksgiving.
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Jackie's blog also gives you something that I usually don't...some plain old delightful romantic mush, like her post on Veteran's Day about her hubs and other veterans in her life.  But don't worry, this girl can also bring on the sass!  And she gives another vote for STUFFING.
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Ashley provides DIY projects with sprinkles of how to live green and some adorable pictures of her kiddos.  See adorableness here.  Ashley is a girl after my own heart and loves SWEET POTATO CASSEROLE.  I hope she puts marshmallows on top like my mom does...perfection.
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And if you still don't have your fill of adorable kids, go visit Cherlyn. Evidence of adorabl-ness can be found here. And she makes her toddlers some delicious quesadillas. I wonder if she'll adopt me. Cherlyn is a woman who wants it all and loves ALL THE FIXINS.  (cause you can't have the turkey without it: Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes & gravy, cranberry sauce oh and don't forget the pumpkin pie!)

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