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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Loving Lately: Lisa Frank

Lisa Frank will always be a part of my life.  Her works of art came with to to school every day for years on Trapper Keepers, folders and pencils.  Yes, works of art.  A neon pink dolphin and a bear with sunglasses are on par with the Mona Lisa in my book.  Lisa Frank is still in my life.  I love cats and truly believe that neon and leopard go together.  Urban Outfitters has started selling a limited edition Lisa Frank line.  I guess you can say that Lisa Frank is back.  I don't think she ever left.
Lisa Frank
Lisa Frank by veggielawyer

There's a few goodies from Urban Outfitters and the Lisa Frank website.  If they had those tees when I was a youngster, I would've had one in every color and worn some matching slouch socks.  And I want that cookie jar...Christmas present?  And now for some outfits inspired by Lisa's impeccable style.
Lisa Frank Leopard

Lisa Frank Unicorn

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