Penniless Socialite: Weekend Update: Go RU!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Update: Go RU!

Red Pants // Anthropologie (similar here)
Chambrary Shirt // Old Navy (worn here, similar here)
Watch // Target (worn here, similar here)
Bracelets // Michael Kors (worn here similar here)
Ok, I know I just wore these red pants on the blog last Thursday, but what better time to wear red pants than to a Rutgers football game.  This weekend my family attended the Rutgers-Army game, as is our annual tradition.  Rutgers beat Army, scoring four touchdowns, which means that the colonial re-enacters fired off the canon 4 times, a knight rode around on a white horse 4 times and the Rutgers cheerleaders ran around with flags 4 times.  Rutgers goes all out when they score a touchdown.
And in case you were wondering...yes, I was taking self portrait pictures in my kitchen.  The Scot had to work all weekend and didn't get home until after dark ALL WEEKEND.  I know, he's really inconsiderate.

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