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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Look What I Got: Gwynnie Bee

So it's no secret that I love getting new clothes.  However, my bank account does not like my incessant quest for pretty things.  And I found a solution: Gwynnie Bee.  (It's where I got this little tunic).
Oh good...a better camera means you can now see all the wrinkles in my clothes.  Damnit, now I have to learn to iron.
Gwynnie Bee is like a clothing rental service for women sizes 10 and up.  (Think rent-a-swag from Parks and Rec).  Sidebar: awhile ago I had to admit to myself that I am an intense pear shape.  I have some junk in the truck.  Don't get me's some pretty good junk.  But, I am a much smaller size on top than I am on the bottom.  I stopped caring about the number on the tag on my jeans quite some time ago.  Because it's different in every store.  (Old Navy...I am looking at you....I am 2 sizes larger in your jeans than any other store.)  Typically, ordering clothes online is not an option for me.  If it fits in the waist, it doesn't fit in the hips...sometimes there's some muffin top action...just so many clothing problems.  I don't know if I fit into the "plus size" category.  I think I just fit into my own "Tara size" category.  Gwynnie Bee lets me try out different retailers and their sizing with no commitment.
Gwynnie Bee’s motto is “Clothing Without Commitment.”  You sign up and add clothing items from Gwynnie Bee’s collection to your virtual closet. Gwynnie Bee ships pieces to you and when you return them (postage already paid) they’ll send more your way. You'll have a constantly rotating wardrobe of flattering pieces.  Gwynnie Bee is stocked with quality brands like Talbots, Michael Kors, J. Jill, Kiyonna, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, DKNY, and more. And they are constantly updating!
Every single piece is shipped wrapped carefully in tissue and with two hang tags – one with laundering instructions and the other with the piece’s name and a feedback form.  Each piece looks new and if stuff was worn before, I couldn't tell.  AND you don't have to wash any thing before you send it back.  I hate doing laundry.

Full disclosure: I only signed up because the first month was free.  Through the end of the month, new subscribers get a 30 day free trial.  However, I am seriously considering signing up and paying for a month.  Ok, wait, I do have a favor to ask of my readers.  If you would like to test out Gwynnie Bee, leave your email in the comments (or send me an email) and I can send you a referral (leave it in the format of email[at]gmail[dot]com to protect against spammers).  I get a free month for every referral.  (Full disclosure: I am in no way associated with Gywnnie Bee and was not compensated in any way for this post.   I heard about Gwynnie Bee through Hems for Her.)  

Tunic // Simply Bee from Gwynnie Bee
Leggings // Target
Belt // from a Target skirt (worn here)
Boots // Macy's (worn here, similar here)
Watch // Target (worn here, similar here)
Bracelet // F21 (worn here, similar here)
Ring // Bauble Bar (similar here)

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