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Friday, February 1, 2013

On a Budget: Sapphire Bee

Obviously I love shiny baubles.  But, I also care about our environment.  Brittany of The Sapphire Bee sells jewelry for green-minded gals.  She's fun, she's quirky, she's super talented!  So, here's Brittany!

Q. What type of jewelry will people find in your shop?
A. I make fun and quirky pieces that people would categorize as "costume jewelry." Everything is made from handmade or recycled items &/or antique like pieces. My jewelry & accessories are the perfect mix of modern with a twist of Victorian flare.

 Q. What inspired you to start The Sapphire Bee?
A. All of my pieces and collections are very much inspired by my own fashion sense -- many times I will make something for myself and it will morph into something that you see in the shop and it all started when I made myself a necklace and a lady tried to buy it off me on the subway.

 Q. Tell me a little bit about you. What are you doing when you're not making jewelry and managing your shop?
A. On the rare chance you catch me out of the office, you can find me at home in the kitchen whipping up dinner or baking, shopping, painting, watching movies or TV shows with my boyfriend and enjoying vegetarian cuisine and craft beer... or I am doing none of that because I have homework.

 Q. What makes the items in your shop "green?" Where do you get all your materials?
A. All the materials are either made in house or bought from local suppliers in our community. In the event that we have to import something we carefully select companies that meet our exceptional standards. We also use recycled office materials and packaging and many of our actual pieces are made from rebatched metals or plastics.

Q. How has your background in business and sustainable enterprising affected the way you run your shop?
A. Obviously having gone to school for business makes my business practices sound and it also allowed me to write up a solid business plan -- which gives me direction and reinforces that I am staying on target to reach important goals or milestones within our business model. My background in sustainable enterprising allows me to think twice about the materials or actual composition of our products or materials we use.

 Q. Any advice to ladies thinking of starting their own business? (especially advice about balancing school and a family)
A. Write out a solid business plan and don't get discouraged... business is tough and to be a successful businesswomen you have to make tough decisions. As far as balancing life goes, I keep office hours, I get dressed every morning (even if I am not going in to the office) and I treat it like an actual job and I work school and life into my schedule just like anyone else that is balancing competing tasks. I also try to not work when I am home, take time off and reward myself when necessary.

Q. Who are your style icons?
A. I love Lady Gaga because she has balls when it comes to fashion! I also love Daphne Guinness, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, Victoria Beckham, Jacqueline Kennedy and some of my favorite designers include Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenberg & Betsy Johnson.

Q. What are some of your favorite pieces in your shop right now?
A. These are some of my favorite items (currently in stock)...

(a.) Jellyfish Necklace $21.00 (b.) Vintage Bird Necklace $25.00 (c.) Octopus Ring $12.00 (d.) Sparkling Bangle in Black $6.00 (e.) Polka Dot Cocktail Ring in pink $10.00 My boutique is currently in the process of getting a major overhaul and will have a some brand new items hitting our virtual shelves in February!

If you have a shop with a story to tell that provides ladies with affordable fashion and you'd like to be featured here in a Friday "On a Budget" post, email me at to discuss!!

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