Penniless Socialite: Thank You Liz Lemon

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thank You Liz Lemon

In honor of the end of 30 Rock to, this post is a tribute to Liz Lemon...err..Tina Fey.  Like Angela of My So Called Life defined my teenage years, Liz Lemon has helped me accept the cranky, gross, stressed out adult I have become.  Liz Lemon made feel not only that it's OK to be imperfect, disgusting, hungry and messy, but awesome to be all of those things.

Yes, I write a fashion blog and dress up in pretty clothes, but most of the time I would rather be farting into a slanket eating night cheese.  And I am OK admitting that.  Nope, nope.  I am proud to admit that.  So, tonight I am going to go home, put on my glasses, sweatpants and cardigan and shotgun a pizza.

And thank you Liz for giving me an example of how the Scot dances.  Seriously, he thinks he's doing a hilarious Mick Jagger impression, but he actually looks like this:

Lemon Out!

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