Penniless Socialite: April Group Giveaway

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April Group Giveaway

In case you didn't notice, the blog got a little face lift thanks to the fabulous Audrey at Kinch Life Designs!  I finally stopped admiring her work from afar and took the plunge to hire her to clean up my little space on the internet.  Although I loved my old design, I thought it was time for a cleaner design...but still with glitter and obviously more cats.
And I am so happy that this new look coincides with my April group giveaway!  The lovely ladies on my sidebar deserve a proper introduction and a pretty space in which to introduce them.

Carissa over at Lillies and Silk has some serious style.  I can vouch for it.  I have pinned several of her outfits to copy later.

Nadine of Back East Blonde isn't just another pretty face.  She is HILARIOUS.  I've tweeting many of her posts, not just because she's a sponsor, but because I think everyone needs to be reading her blog.

Chelsea Big, Beautiful Broke Blog is a lady that loves a bargain.  She is one of the most truthful and honest bloggers out there.  She shares the good and the bad and lets everyone know that real human ladies are bloggers...hehe.

Emerald City makes handmade custom jewelry...that won't break your budget.  You KNOW this is a shop I like.

If you need a smile, go visit Britt at Sunny Tales and Happy Mail.  She's funny and uplifting AND a lover of fashion and beauty.  

Holly at Hey Hollywood brings every thing to the table: fashion, beauty, humor and some some pictures that just make me giggle.  She's a gorgeous gal that's not afraid to be a goofball.

Mandy of Mandy Jean Chic is fashionable AND thrifty.  She's currently on a 30 day spending freeze and shopping her own closet.  I need to take a page out of her book.
Shane of Whispering Sweet Nothings is a blogger with some big dreams.  She's participating in a wonderful link up/movement called I am Beautiful all about empowering women and promoting positive body images.

If the adorable title of Nicole's blog (Probably Polka Dots) doesn't send you running over there, this will.  This week is Cocktail Week on her blog.  Yes, you read that right....get over there.

The tagline for Chelsee's blog Southern Beauty Guide ?  A lot of sass with a touch of class.  Yes, this is a lady I want to hang with.

Sharon at The Tiny Heart has gone from bloggy friend to IRL friend.  She is a lady that can spot a $5 skirt at Target from a mile away.

Lesley at By the Porchlight has THE BEST pins on Pinterest.  Seriously, follow her blog AND her Pinterest boards.  You will repin everything.

And then there's me....but you already know that I am awesome sauce.

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