Penniless Socialite: Have you Heard of Pose?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Have you Heard of Pose?

So you wore a great outfit today, but only your fashion-illiterate co-workers saw it?  I got tired of this, so I started a fashion blog.  However, that's a lot of work.  If you just want a quickie fashion diary that connects you to other fashionistas, then you should join Pose.  
Screen shot of my Pose feed.
It's an online (and mobile) platform for fashion and beauty available on the iPhone, iPad and Android devices (i.e. to everyone).  In simple terms, it's like the Instagram of fashion!  Users upload outfit and other fashion-y photos, tag the items in their pictures and share them with the community.  With thousands (maybe even millions) of users on Pose, there is never any shortage of fashion inspiration.  You can follow some of your favorite fashion bloggers and brands like Man Repeller and Ann Taylor... and of course me!  
You can view your feed in single pictures (like Instagram) or in a grid (like Pinterest).  I prefer the grid because I can quickly scan through outfits while I am on the go.  It's super easy to get started.  Just download the app, create an account and start uploading your outfits.  You can upload right from your phone or from your computer.  
So, look me up on Pose and we can start sharing fashion secrets!

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  The only compensation I received for this post is entry into Poses's contest for a chance to be featured in Pose's weekly emails.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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