Penniless Socialite: Look What I Got Look Link Up: Trade Your Beauty Samples on eDivv!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Look What I Got Look Link Up: Trade Your Beauty Samples on eDivv!

If you're like me, you probably have a pile of unwanted, unused beauty samples (and even full sized products).  My name is Tara and I am a beauty product hoarder.  I'll get samples shopping at Sephora, in my monthly beauty boxes and just randomly in the mail.  Sometimes I just don't like the product, other times I just don't have enough hours in the day to try every new beauty product.  As the Scot and I were getting ready to move, I figured I should purge my beauty product wagon.  (It's not a wagon, but it is three huge drawers on wheels.).  I felt guilty throwing away all of this great stuff that I was just never going to use.  Then eDivv appeared on the horizon to change my wasteful ways....
eDivv on a Tablet is the very 1st online marketplace where you can swap beauty subscription box samples and other beauty products!  If you have unwanted or duplicate products from your Birchbox, Ipsy, Julep or other monthly beauty services (or even from Sephora).  (I cheated and uploaded a few full size products that were still in the packages that I just never used). Trade it!  You get 4 to 6 products in each box each month.  There is just no way you love them all.  Trading products can be like getting another monthly beauty box subscription. It can be just as fun and easy as receiving the boxes. And best of all...this entire service is free!  You just pay to ship your products to your swap partner.
Ok, now for the details.  First step is to upload photos and descriptions of the products you want to trade to your "shop."  It's super easy (just like uploading stuff to Poshmark or Storeenvy)  Once your shop is stocked, you can start trading.  Trading, or as likes to call it, “divvying,” starts with a “Divvy” Request.  You find a product you like and send a divvy request to the user and note which items in your shop you'd like to trade for.  Users can specifiy in their profiles what kind of items they are looking for.  Users can accept, decline, or counter their trading partner’s offer through checking or un-checking products listed under their trading partner’s account.  Once you've successfully traded, you get your partner's address and ship off your items!   Here's a little break down of the process.

How eDivv Works Screenshot
In just a two weeks, look at all I've divvied!  I send away products that weren't my color or style, or that I just didn't use and got a butt ton of stuff that I love!  I love having a stock of travel shampoo, moisturizer and face wash for weekends away or short trips.

Join eDivv today and you can start trading with me!  My shop is found here, and I've been uploading stuff at least once a week because we're moving and I am trying to purge as much as I can!  So, will you be joining?

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