Penniless Socialite: My Brunch Dress

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Brunch Dress

Brunch dress 3 
Dress: local boutique | Shoes: Toms via Instagram (similar) | Purse: c/o DressV (similar) | 
Sunglasses: Kate Spade via Bloomingdales Outlet (similar) | Necklace:Anthropologie (old) |
Bracelets: Loren Hope (similar, on sale!); Urban Gem via Rocks Box (worn

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Brunch Dress 4 Brunch Dress 2 Brunch dress 1

Brunch is my favorite meal.  I like it because you don;t have to feel guilty about eating a frittata at 1pm.  On the weekends I rarely get myself ready to go out in the world when it's still acceptable breakfast time.  So, brunch is how I get my french toast fix.  I also  love brunch because it's acceptable mandatory to have a cocktail.  I feel like daytime drinking is classier.  You're not in a bar surrounded by twenty-somethings trying to pick each other up.  You're surrounded by other classy brunch eaters.  (ok, you're most likely surrounded by hung over twenty-somethings....but I like to pretend I am fancy).  So, when I was oogling this dress, the Scot asked me where I was going to wear it.  In a flash of genius, I replied simply, "brunch."  The Scot had to take me to brunch the next day.

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