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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Look What I Got: End of Summer Wishlist

End of Summer 2014 Wishlist
I've got a few items that I am craving...that aren't quite completely Fall-ish (because it's that time of August when bloggers are all of a sudden supposed to be shopping for flannel and leather).  It's still warm and will be for quite some time, so these are the items that I want right now.

Aqua Striped Dress: Bloomingdale's: I think this dress is the perfect day to night dress and at $88 it's a fraction of the cost of a similar Kate Spade dress that I have been desperately seeking for months.

Lilly Pulitzer Jance Shift Dress in Resort White: I know this is a very summer-y dress.  However, I am going on a tropical vacation in September.  And I plan on being that jerk that wears nothing but white for the few days before and few days after her wedding.  We're having a stay-cation style honeymoon with the Scot's family for the entire week after the wedding.  And there's an emergency....I look really good in white.

Kendra Scott Rayne Pendent: Bloomingdale's:  Duh.  This necklace is gorgeous and apparently a fashion blogger essential.  I will definitely be kicked out of the cool kids club if I don't get one.

Lucy Paris Full Organza Midi: Bloomingdale's:  This is my compromise to the tulle skirt, which I just cannot pull off no matter how hard I try.

August Accessories Jeweled Baseball Hat: Bloomingdale's: Again, I feel like this is self-explanatory.  It's a hat with sparkles on it.  These are both things I love.

What non-Fall things are you still craving during these last few weeks of summer?

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