Penniless Socialite: Questioning my Skincare with California Naturel

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Questioning my Skincare with California Naturel

California Naturel 1 
As I have discussed on the blog already, I am prepping my face for my wedding day (and basically just for a life without acne).  I have been using products that work for me, so I am really reluctant to try out new face stuff.  When I was contacted by California Naturel, I was really really reluctant to provide a review.  However, once I read more about their products, I was convinced that a little trial wouldn't set back my skin care regimen.  The ingredients are all natural and contain a crap ton of floral extracts.  I just have to make sure there was no grapefruit in there.  I am allergic to grapefruit...and that crap is in all skincare nowadays.
California Naturel 2 
I am a sucker for great packaging.  The boxes and bottles feel really high quality and luxurious...but they are completely recyclable.  Yay!  (Little known fact, many product boxes are not recyclable with your normal cardboard because they are coated in wax or another substance to make them colorful and shiny.  Check your local recycling rules for details).

The Gentle Cleansing Gel does what it says.  It's gentle on your skin, but it fully removed all my my eye makeup, even without a prior application of eye makeup remover.  My skin felt refreshed, but not dried out.  My only complaint was the scent.  It's supposed to be floral, but smelled a little medicine-y to me.

The Nourishing Cream is my favorite product of the lot.  This stuff left my face feeling the smoothest it's ever felt.  I'd say like a baby's butt, but that is a really gross comparison.

California Naturel 3 
The SPF 30 Sunscreen is now a tool in my fair skin protection arsenal.  I loved this stuff.  It's so light, it just feels like a moisturizer.  And it lasted all day and didn't sweat off into my eyes.

And the SPF 8 Lip Balm was another important tool.  Yeah, your lips can burn.  This is a problem I feel like only the fair skinned understand.

California Naturel 4

I highly recommend all of their products.  They are more expensive than your average drugstore brand, but a little of these products goes a long way.  Just a dab of the cleansing gel and just a dab of the nourishing cream are enough to suffice each use.  

Will you be trying out California Naturel?

Full Disclosure: I was provided these products at no cost for my review.  However, 100% of the opinions are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this post.

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