Penniless Socialite: Stuff I Wore: Use It or Lose It Day #4 (OOTD 1.19.12)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stuff I Wore: Use It or Lose It Day #4 (OOTD 1.19.12)

NOTE: TONS of my pictures have disappeared from the blog.  I am going to work to get them back up.  I wonder what happened?

Gasp, I wore pants one day.  For any one that's new, I don't go bottomless everyday to work.  I wear skirts and dresses.  I just wanted to clear that up before any new comers decided to stop reading the blog of some pants-less wonder.  Yes, there are days when I get out of the shower and contemplate just wearing my towel to work, but I have yet to follow through on it.  I also find that I can't shoe case my shoes as well in pants.  The pants cast dark shadow over the shoes that I just can't seem to edit out of mirror pictures.
Enough about my problems with pants.  I hadn't worn this gorgeous top from Banana Republic in a really long time.  It fits great and I love the necklace print on the front.  It's like a built in accessory.
Pants worn here, similar here.
Ring worn here, similar here; pricey here.

However, the shirt has another built in accessory that makes it difficult to wear: this weird back of the neck bow.  I looked like a hunchback when I put my cardigan on.  And I can't go sleeveless in the office for several reasons.  The main one being that my office appears to be sitting on top of some sort of Arctic stream of air.  The entire office is a pleasant 70 degrees, while my tundra of an office is 60 degrees.  Perhaps it's a vortex of paranormal activity?

Well, this shirt is sadly going to the consignment shop because it's just not practical.  And every time I tried to tie the bow I tied a little hair into it.  I had to have the Scot tie it for me.  I really don't like clothing that takes a group effort.  I'm an adult.  I like to get dressed on my own nowadays.

As a recap, this is the third item of the ten.  First, I got rid of the tortuous brown shoes.  Second, I kept the comfy sweater dress.

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