Penniless Socialite: What I'm Loving Wednesday

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am linking up with This Kind of Love for "What I'm Loving Wednesday."  There might be some overlap with "What I'm Loving" on Wednesdays and my monthly "What I Love" List.  If you see something twice, you know it's super awesome.

1. Getting Schooled.  Today I have a day off of work!  Well, not exactly.  I'm attending an all day seminar on current issues in land use.  Yes, I know it sounds thrilling.  (that is not actually sarcasm).  So, what do I wear on a day such as this?  Maybe I should be business casual since I am in a room full of other lawyers.  Nah.  I'm giving myself a Casual Wednesday.

2. Fiber One Brownies.  These things are freakin' awesome.  They're chewy, chocolatey and only 90 calories.  I have a box of these on my bookshelf at work.  Some lawyers keep fancy legal books on their bookshelf.  I keep snacks on mine.

3. Downton Abbey.  I just started watching this on Netflix.  And I am addicted.  Of course, I just have to figure out what everyone's name is and what "breaking the entail" means.


4. Free Samples!  I came home the other day to find a package from Procter and Gamble.  It contained, not only coupons, but samples of toothpaste, laundry detergent, baby wipes and diapers.  Ok, I can't use the diapers, but my cousin and her new baby can.  I've also recently received free samples from Sephora when ordering online.  I love to stock up on samples and travel size items for vacations and weekend trips.

5. Target's Swimwear.  I am so happy that one piece bathing suits are back in style.  There are two things I will never have: a tan or a flat stomach.
Target Swimwear

6. Buxom Lip Balm.  I got this little beauty free, yes free, with a Sephora purchase.  I'll have a review of it later this week.  I actually got it in the color Wakiki, but this dark burgundy color is gorgeous!

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