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Friday, April 27, 2012

Stuff I Wore: Date Night

Lace Top // Marshall's (similar here and here)
AG Stevie Ankles // Anthropologie
Purple Pumps // Candies's for Kohl's (similar here)
Bracelets // Forever 21 (similar  here)
Ring // Forever 21 (similar here)
You know how girls like to wear cute, un-sensible shoes on dates?  The Scot really hates my tall shoes.  He claims it has nothing to do with me being taller than him in shoes.  So, my fancy shoes are saved for my date nights with Elena.  Or sometimes I just put them on to prance around her apartment.

I can see the top of the fridge when I wear these shoes.  I really need to clean on top of the fridge.

That two-fingered ring REALLY hinders my ability to flip people off.

When I don't put on a special outfit for prancing, my date outfits have to also be work appropriate with a few modifications.  The fancy shoes do not come to work because I would probably fall on my face halfway through the day running around to get chocolate from the vending machine filing important legal documents.  So, here is my dream day to date outfit.  Once that blazer comes off and those red shoes go's time to party!
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