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Monday, June 25, 2012

Stuff I Bought: Whimsical Print Intervention

It's time for another edition of "Tara has lost her damn mind."  I did a little online shopping during Anthropologie's last round of sales and I had a little look in Kohl's after receiving a 30% off coupon.  (Kohl's was also offering $10 Kohl's Cash for every $50 you spend.)  And, well, then this happened:
If you followed me on Instagram you'd already know that I am cray cray
Yes, you are seeing that correctly.  I bought things in a bee print, an acorn print and a flamingo print all in one weekend.  I need a whimsical print intervention.  I can see it now: my friends and family sitting around me.  "Tara, your addiction has negatively affected my life in the following ways.  I can not look at you without laughing about how stupid you look wearing your flamingo dress and flamingo shoes."  And then I am hauled off to rehab, but not after screaming, "Please just let me buy a kitten print dress before I go to take the edge off!!!"
And here is a better look at the evidence of my insanity.
And of course my insanity knows no bounds and there are a few more crazy items on my list.  I'm getting mixed reviews on the flamingo shoes still.  I am on the fence, but I might fall off on the crazy side of the fence and get them.

However, I will be saying NO to anything bicycle printed.  I have reached my bicycle print quota for life.  Seriously, if I try to buy that Lauren Conrad dress, someone smack me.

Bicycle Print Problem
Bicycle Print Problem by veggielawyer
Bike Lane Dress (worn here)
Bicycle Skirt (worn here)
Jason Wu for Target Cycle print dress (worn here)

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