Penniless Socialite: Weekend Update: Sick, Lifetime and a Wreath Tutorial

Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Update: Sick, Lifetime and a Wreath Tutorial

Dress: Simply Be (via Gwynnie Bee) | Belt: Old Navy (worn here) |
Ankle boots: Marshall's (similar here) | Necklace: gift (similar here) |
Bracelets: Sira & Mara, Michael Kors, Bauble Bar (similar here & here)

I had big plans for this floral frock.  I borrowed this tunic from Gwynnie Bee and put on the perfect pair of black ankle boots that I had searched for for weeks.  And then disaster struck.  I spent most of this weekend sick on the couch watching Lifetime movies.  Shannen Doherty found her missing husband and took down a computer company falsifying its profits and some blonde lady's husband went missing and there was something with a voodoo cult.  I don't know.  I took a  lot of Nyquil.  Obviously, these photos were taken before I contracted the plague.
I removed myself from the couch long enough to get Mexican food Saturday night and then to watch the Superbowl at my parents' house last night (and stuff myself with tacos each time).  My sickness did not come with nausea or lack of appetite.
This might be the Nyquil talking, but I am also going to share a little crafty tutorial with you all that I managed to concoct while on the couch.

I purchased everything seen here from Michael's.
1. I wrapped a straw wreath in burlap garland.  Yeah, it's a real can find it over by the wreaths and fake flowers.
2.  On top of the burlap garland, I wrapped a portion of the wreath in lace ribbon.
3. I secured the garland and lace ribbon to the wreath with straight pins.
4. Lastly I hot glued little Valentine do-dads to the wreath.  I used some heart ornaments and rhinestones.  I secured a looop of heart printed ribbon to the top of the wreath with more straight pins in order to hang it on the door.

All the materials cost me about $20, but if I have enough stuff to cover 2 more wreaths if I want.
Full disclosure: I did not receive any thing from Gwynnie Bee in exchange for this post.  I found the service on my own and decided to sign up and share it with you guys.  I do get one free month of Gwynnie Bee for every lady that signs up for a paid month of Gwynnie Bee here.
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