Penniless Socialite: Reader Request: Lace Dresses

Monday, September 19, 2011

Reader Request: Lace Dresses

One of my many (4?) readers requested that I post about lace dresses.  Personally, I was not really into lace dresses before researching for this post.  I thought lace looked a little matronly and that the dresses came in 2 unflattering styles: short and tight or shift.  I figured you either look like a fat doilie or a crazy person.  Lady Gaga can wear a see through lace dress, but I certainly can not.
However, I have seen the light.  There are so many different and modern cuts and styles of lace dresses.  And if the dress does not have a flattering waist, put a belt on it.  Tying a simple piece of ribbon from the craft store around the waist of a shift dress can create the illusion of a 10 pound weight loss. 
The first lace dress I fell in love with was the Horkelia Shift from Anthropologie.

Horkelia Shift // Anthropologie
 Luckily my best friend and shopping buddy Elena purchased Horkelia.  So, I get to admire it (and maybe borrow it??) without spending the money.  I worried that Horkelia would just hang like a sack.  And it did.  Elena brilliantly tied a brown ribbon around her waste and instantly the dress was figure flattering.

Here's my choice for a lacey date night.
Lace Dress Date Night
Lace Dress Date Night by veggielawyer featuring platform high heels

Lace dress // HM // £25
Platform heels // Kohl's // $42
Black Pearl Earrings // get them any where
Silver bracelet // Guess // $17

Here are some other lace dresses I found around the internet.

Lace Dresses
Lace Dresses by veggielawyer

Oasis lace dress
$110 -

Party dress
$101 -

Lace dress
$80 -

Lace dress
$58 -

Lace cocktail dress
$46 -

Dorothy Perkins cream lace dress
£24 -

Forever21 lace dress
$23 -

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