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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All I Want for All this Stuff

As I sit here watching A Charlie Brown Christmas and screening repeated calls from my mother who will undoubtedly ask, "What do you want for Christmas?"  Deep down I just want to say, "Cash," but this is not an acceptable answer for my mother.  So, here's my Christmas wishlist.  I think I kept it pretty realistic this year...maybe?
All I Want for Christmas...
All I Want for Christmas... by veggielawyer

1. Canon Powershot S95. Since starting this blog, I've realized that my camera is in need of a serious upgrade.  I'm not ready for a big girl DSLR, which became evident when my friend Elena tried to explain cameras to me and my head exploded.  This might actually be a Christmas present to myself after the holidays.  I treat myself real nice.

2. Merona Double Breasted Coat.  I love this coat because of it's ridiculousness.  Faux fur collar AND bright yellow?  This coat embodies the kind of old lady crazy that I am trying to achieve every day.

3. Dulcie Dress.  I know, I know.  I've posted about this dress before.  BUT, now I have a place to wear it.   I have a wedding to go to in February!  Sadly, the black one is sold out in my size online.  Can I wear the neutral one to a wedding?  Is it too close to white?

4. Liquid Silk Skirt.  And yes, I've been talking about this skirt for awhile. (here and here)  It's just sooo awesome!!!  And now it's on sale for $99 (in blue) and $69 (in pink).  I'm trying to save Santa a little money.

5. Tiered Stripes Dress.  Do I really need to explain this one?  I am looking for a dress that says, "I'm put together and stylish," when on the inside I am thinking, "Did I remember to put on a bra this morning?"

6. Noon and Night Dress.  I have been lusting after this dress for months and Anthropologie refuses to let it fit into my budget.

7. J. Crew's Crystal Brulee Bracelet.  I'm a sucker for sparkles and this bracelet is so distracting.  I'm pretty sure that if I ever wear this to work I'll just stare blankly at it all day.

8. Toaster Oven.  Ok, this is boring, but I really need a new toaster oven.  My current toaster oven sparks every time you turn it on.  So, for Christmas I'm not just asking for a toaster oven; I'm asking for my apartment not to burn down just because I want a pizza pocket.

What is everyone else asking for for Christmas?  Show me your lists!
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