Penniless Socialite: Crisis!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It's over which owl lamp I should buy, so I might be overreacting.  I really like owls, and I've decided that my love needs to move right into my lighting fixtures.  I saw the owl lamp on the left over at West Elm months ago and fell in love.  But, its expensive.  Is $99 too much to pay for a lamp?  And then I spied the owl lamp on the right on Target's website.

Owl Lamp : Target
$34 -

I am so torn.  I like that West Elm's version is more realistic and vintage-y.  I'm not in love with the cartoonish-ness of Target's lamp, but it might go better with my not-so-vintage decor.  
For the record The Scot's pick is the Target lamp, for two reasons.  One, he's cheap.  Two, he claims that the West Elm owl looks like it's staring at him and judging him.
Any advice?  Please weigh in on which one you prefer!

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