Penniless Socialite: Stuff I Wore: No such phrase as "too much" (OOTD 1.5.12)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stuff I Wore: No such phrase as "too much" (OOTD 1.5.12)

This outfit really had everything.  Bird print, lace slip, AND bows?!?!  Too much?  Nah!  When I asked The  Scot whether this outfit had too much pink and purple, he answered, "No...because you're late for work."  So, I really don't know if it had too many berry colors or too many focal points.  I'm biased.  I love all of those things.  if only I could have added some rhinestones or sequins some where...
Similar Shirt
Skirt in Neon Azalea (mine is plum something or other)
I got this skirt for $42 recently when J. Crew was offering an extra 40% off sale items in store!  It's one size too big, but I just tucked my shirt into it and I might get it altered.
After photoshopping my outfit photo I discovered that this is the Avec Toi Slip by Qi.

I thought this bird print was pretty unique.  I found this shirt hiding on the sale rack at Marshall's.  However, I've now seen the print on Feathers and Freckles in a dress from Francesca's Collections.  This little print perplexes me.

I bought this necklace at a Banana Republic outlet years ago.  I've since had to have it fixed by a friend who makes jewelry for her Etsy shop.  I've never found a similar enough necklace to link to when I feature it in my OOTD's.  Anyone ever see any thing like this?
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