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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shoesday: Nautical Heels

Ok, I know I post a lot about J. Crew shoes, but it's only because they are so awesome.  My newest shoe obsession is the Evie Striped Peep-Toe Pump.  Nautical inspired fashion is every where this year.  I'm not on board (haha see what I did there?) with anchor and rope details, but I'm all for navy and white stripes.
Since I refuse to pay $258 for shoes, I have to wait until they go on sale or find a cheaper option.  
So far the contenders are: Guess's Nanci, but they are still $110 and I just don't love them as much.

And then there are Sam Edelman's Novato Striped Pumps.  I like these a bit better, but I fear they will be much too hard to walk in.   Any one else have some good recommendations for striped heels?

I picture myself on a boat in the Hamptons wearing a flowing yellow dress and straw hat with a big bow with  a whiskey sour or at a horse race in a coral sun dress with a flowered hat and a mojito.  (most of my clothing fantasies involve excuses to wear large hats and drink cocktails).  And since I'm not a character on "Revenge" or a member of any of the Desperate Housewives clans, I'll settle for prancing around my parents' backyard in some nautical heels.  Yeah, I don't even have my own backyard in which to prance.

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