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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh how Pinteresting: Bedroom Revision

I'm changing up my Wednesday link up.  This week I am participating in Oh How Pinteresting and linking up with the Vintage Apple.  I like to keep things interesting.
I was supposed to join the Trend of the Month Challenge at Marionberry Style and wear some neon, but I just could not get my sh*t together this week.  But apparently, I still had time to waste on Pinterest.  So, go check out the fun neon outfits over there.

This week, I pinned the hell out of ideas for the and decorating ideas.  Get your minds out of the gutter!  I want to make a couple small changes to the bedroom to spruce it up.  I have a green accent wall in my bedroom and dark furniture, so I went from there and pinned away...

I love the idea of a round mirror over the bed.

And I love this chandelier, but I don't think my landlord wants me swapping out the light fixtures

I want a storage bench or trunk at the end of the bed.

I am determined to find cheap knockoffs of these lamps.  Target has some for around $50 each , but that's still a little steep.
I need some better jewelry storage.  Maybe a two-tiered dessert stand?
And something like this for earrings?

I'll let you guys know how my little changes work out!

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