Penniless Socialite: Stuff I Wore: I'm THAT Neighbor (OOTD)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Stuff I Wore: I'm THAT Neighbor (OOTD)

Whoa, I did not realize how rough I looked that day.  
Cardigan // Joe Fresh, similar here
Necklace // J. Crew Factory, worn here, similar here
Top // Target
Jeans // Banana Republic, similar here
Shoes // Old crumpled yellow flats that I will wear until they fall apart or I find a pair I like as much, whichever comes first.

I feel as though I'm that neighbor.  You know, the one all the other neighbors talk about and just can't quite figure out.  Yep, that's me.  So here are a few of the reasons why:
1. I can often be heard yelling "No!" "Get out of there!" "Don't eat that!" the dog or the cats.  The other night one of the cats got a hold of a chicken bone off of the Scot's dinner plate.  I proceeded to chase the cat around yelling "Catch him! He has a chicken bone!  He's going to choke and die!"
2. One day the dog did her business and then proceeded to sit down right in a pile of her own business.  So, I had to try and clean her butt off with a baby wipe.  However, my dog thought I was playing a game and tried to run away, so I was chasing the dog around outside with a baby wipe.  I am pretty sure all my neighbors think I wipe my dogs butt every time she poops.
3. I talk to my dog A LOT.  Sometimes I forget I am outside in front of other people and I'll be talking to her.  "Gaia what should we have for dinner?"  "Gaia, hurry up, I have to get back to my TV shows."
4. AND I prance around outside while the Scot takes pictures of me.  The chill from the cold weather and my embarrassment are the reasons that most of my photos are taken indoors.

AND did you notice I'm trying out the whole cuffed jeans thing?  I was a little scared, but I think I pulled it off.
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