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Monday, June 4, 2012

Stuff I Bought: Anthro Birthday Haul

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Did you check out this week's Beauty Deals?

This discount is just one of the perks of signing up for an Anthro card.

Anthro Bday Haul

So, I ended my shopping freeze with a bang on Memorial day Weekend.  I took advantage of my Anthropologie birthday discount and picked up a few items at the Tag Sale.And then I took a little trip over to Banana Republic, Old Navy and Macy's.  Don't worry, I had coupons for every store.  Remember my money saving tip about Banana Republic?  Don't buy anything full price at Old Navy or Macy's either.

Money Saving Tip: If you like designer stuff, get a Macy's card and never buy anything unless they are offering at least an additional 15% off.

Memorial Day Weekend Shopping

Betty Silk Dress // Banana Republic Mad Men Collection, $120 (on sale for $80 PLUS an additional 30% off via a "secret" coupon received in store = $56)
Patterned Sweetheart Dress // Old Navy, on sale for $17 PLUS $10 Banana Republic rewards coupon
Juicy Couture Bracelet // Macy's, on sale for $40 PLUS a $10 coupon

I had been lusting after these two dresses and this bracelet for months, but I was unwilling to pay full price for any of them.  And, as usual, my patience paid off.

And now I am putting myself back on another 30 day freeze, but this time the freeze is not going to end with a free for all weekend.  My wallet demands restraint.

Did you get any good deals these past few weekends?

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