Penniless Socialite: August Glam Bag

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August Glam Bag

If you don't know what a Glam Bag is, start here.

This month's theme was "Endless Summer."  Like last month, I really don't get how the items relate to the theme.  I kind of just want them to be honest and say, "This month's theme is 'Cool Shit You Should Try.'"

1.  Salty Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Glama-Zoid.  The sample is pretty small and at first I thought it looked like that white eye shadow you see on people that appear on "The People's Court" or "Maury."  You know, teenage hookers.  Well, it's even worse.  It's white with a purple sheen.  I will not be using this.

2. Circus by Andrea's Choice Nail Polish in Spectacle.  I was really surprised to get another bottle of the same brand of nail polish as we did last month.  Did they have extras lying around?  Although I like the color, it's a little streaky and needs several coats to attain the neon color.

3. Eclos Regenerative Cream and Cellular Activator Serum.  These are supposed to reduce wrinkles and sagging.  I'm a disbeliever in this anti-aging crap, but I am willing to give these a whirl since they are large enough to last about a month.  Check back soon to see if I morph into a spring chicken.

4. Demeter Roll On Perfume in Clean Skin.  I loved this stuff.  It's a nice light scent, but it lasted a few hours.

5. Glam Gloss.  This was not included on the list and appears to be a little extra thank you gift.  I wonder if everyone got it or just long time glam bag subscribers.  Well, mine came in a lovely pink shade that smells like bubble gum.  I love it.

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