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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stuff I Wore: American-ing It Up

Tee // Target (worn here and here); Shorts // Lilly Pullitzer via Bloomingdale's; Necklace // c/o Favoring the Brave

I like to make the Scot take pictures in front of cliche American landmarks.  I don't know why it amuses me so much.  Maybe it's because he's horribly awkward in front of the camera?  Or because he is confused by most American things?  Example: He hates corn on the cob and does not understand the American obsession with this vegetable.  You can start judging him harshly right now.  His punishment for mocking corn on the cob?  A picture in front of the JFK Memorial in Hyannis, MA.  I will add this to the collection.  We've also got him in front of the Washington Monument and the Empire State Building.  My dream photo is him in pair of Mickey Mouse ears in front of Cinderella's castle. 
And now that you are done admiring the adorable Scot, you may have focused you attention on my adorable necklace.  Are you dying to know where I got it and how you can get one?  Well, you'll have to visit Jill's Etsy shop Favoring the Brave.  A few weeks ago Jill asked me to feature one of her jewelry pieces on this little blog and I jumped at the chance.  Her pieces pretty much meet all my jewelry criteria.  Cute?  Check.  Affordable?  Check.  Able to withstand me packing it in a ball of other jewelry and a dog trying to pull it off my neck?  Check.  Yeah.  That necklace is so cute even the dog wanted to wear it.  Oh AND Jill is offering my readers 10% off everything in her store.  Just use code IHEARTPS.  
The Tiny Heart
The theme of this month's link-up: What to Wear to an Outdoor concert.
I figured I could link up this outfit as one I'd wear to an outdoor concert, since Hyannis felt like the surface of the sun the day we were there.

Disclaimer:  Although the necklace I am wearing was given to me, I styled it myself and formed my own opinions.  I did not receive any other compensation, other than a pretty sweet necklace.
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