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Friday, October 5, 2012

Stuff I Wore: Aviemore

Sweater // Lia Molly | Jeans // Old Navy | Boots // Macy's (similar here) |
Necklace // Forever 21 (similar here) | Watch // Target (similar here) |
Bracelets // Forever 21 and Guess (worn here, similar here and here)

After the big wedding celebration, we drove up to the Highlands with the Scot's family to relax in a fancy schmancy lodge.  We ate, drank and played board games to our heart's content.  And I got to wear a new sweater.  So, it was pretty awesome.  
This was, of course, after I got to see socialized medicine at work.  The Scot woke up on our first full day up north with strep throat.  I know...he's soooo inconsiderate.  So, we drove to the next town over and he sat in clinic for three hours.  (Of course he had to get sick on a Sunday and AFTER we had driven to the middle of nowhere).  Being the supportive girlfriend that I am, I went sight seeing around town.
After the Scot was done being a wuss, we took some pictures...including my favorite picture that I have ever taken:

Ta-da!  I love lichens, macro photography and the Scot.  This photo has it all.  I know it's not all that great, but it's my masterpiece.  We also made a few friends at the Wildlife Park.

Put the children to bed before looking at this next photo:

First person to figure out what's inappropriate about this photo gets a prize.  (The prize is my love and affection.  It's pretty valuable.)

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