Penniless Socialite: What I Wore Wednesday: My Kingdom for a Pair of Pants!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: My Kingdom for a Pair of Pants!

TWO awesome giveaways happening!  Earrings and ad space AND a super cute plush elephant
Rockstar Skinnies: Old Navy | Top: c/o Chicnova | Necklace: J. Crew Factory | Flats: Target (worn here, similar here) | Earrings: Lucas Jack via Rocks Box | Watch: Target  | 
Bracelets: giveaway win & Julep (worn here)

As you can see, I've had these outfit photos in the hopper for a little while....but actually with the most recent NJ weather confusion...they could have been taken Monday.  That groundhog is a liar.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I hate pants shopping.  And (let me get Seinfeld on you), what is up with pants sizes these days?  See those lovely polka dot pants?  You know what size they are?  A size freakin' SIXTEEN!  And now that I have plastered my pants size on the Internet, my 14 year old self is cringing and hiding.  I really try not to look at the number on my clothes any more, but come ON!  I am not a 16 in any other brand.  (FYI, I am not ashamed of the size on the pants.  Just confused about how I am supposed to estimate my size at Old Navy any more.)  I guess I just have to bring every single pair of pants in the store into the dressing room with me.  And what about ladies that are a size sixteen?  Is Old Navy just not making pants for them any more?  I am just disappointed because Old Navy was my place to go for pants.  I felt like a lot of their pants were made for women with curves.  I walk the line between plus size and not plus size.  I am a cusp size.  Many traditional sizes are often too small, but the plus sizes are just a little too big.  I belong in no category!  Ok, rant over, now it's time for a solution.  To the Internet!

The only solution I see to my pants dilemma is custom sizing.  And I just happened to have found such a company: Do My Jeans.  Do My Jeans let's you pick your cut, wash and even the style of the belt loops.  It's super simple.  Style the jeans you way you want them and then enter your measurements.  And then you get your custom and tailor made jeans.  Easy peasy!

I have a limited number of promo codes for Do My Jeans.  So, if you are interested leave a comment letting me know.  First come, first serve!

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Full Disclosure: I was contacted by Do My Jeans to introduce their service to my readers.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.  I may, however, receive a pair of jeans in the future.
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