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Monday, April 28, 2014

Instagram Shopping...My Newest Addiction

Obviously, because I have enough clothing to justify having and entire blog about, I needed a new way to shop.  And, obviously, I am being sarcastic.  I have found a new way to get my bank account in trouble.  And that is Instagram.
cat skirt 1 
Skirt: @threelittlebirdvintage | Shoes: @fancyfindz | Shirt: Banana Republic (old) | 
Cardigan: J. Crew (similar) | Necklace StyleLately (worn, similar) | 
Bracelets: Pame Designs, giveaway win (exact)
cat skirt 4 cat skirt 7 cat skirt 8 cat skirt 9

Did you freakin' know that people have Instagram shops?!?!  So, now that beautiful time wasting app is now a money sucking app too.  Fantastic.  If you follow my personal Instagram account, you know I am a crazy cat lady at heart, so it seemed pretty logical that I purchase this vintage cat skirt from @threelittlebirdvintage.  It reminded me of a 1950's poodle skirt, but with a cat.
I should probably give you a little info on how the whole thing works.  First, find shops by searching some hashtags.  #shopmycloset and #clothesforsale are pretty popular.  Once you find an item you like, check the shop's policies on how to claim.  The most common way to to comment "SOLD" and provide your Paypal email.  If you don't feel comfortable leaving your Paypal email in the comment, you can direct message the seller.  Then, you should receive a Paypal invoice.  You pay it and your items arrive a few days later!
One warning, be weary of shops that only accept concealed cash or ask you to send Paypal money via the friends and family track.  It's a great way to get scammed.  Of course, with every new modern convenience, comes a new way to have money stolen.  With concealed cash and friends and family payments, you have no way to prove you paid for goods.  At least with an invoice, if you never receive your items, you can open a dispute through Paypal.  As a rule of thumb I ALWAYS ask for a Paypal invoice.  There are plenty of honest shop owners that use concealed cash and friends and family payments, but I am a big old worry wart.
And I have entered the Instagram shop game as well, attempting to empty out my exploding closet.  So, you can shop my closet here (@pennilesscloset).  You can also take advantage of my BUY ONE GET ONE FREE sale! (and I only accept payments through Paypal and provide an invoice).
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