Penniless Socialite: Look What I Got: Spray Tan Giveaway!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Look What I Got: Spray Tan Giveaway!

versaspa giveaway
Do you notice something different in my pictures?  Maybe my skin tone?  Maybe I am not so transparent?  I did the most Jersey thing I have ever done...I got a spray tan.  And I loved it. Now you can get one too!

bunnies and spray tan 3
Dress: Marshall's (worn) | Shoes: Gap via Instagram (worn, similar) |
Purse: Betsy Johnson via Burlington Coat Factory (available on eBay) |
Rings c/o Pretty Pieces and Gorjana via Rocks Box (exact) |
Bracelets: J. Crew (similar), Groopdealz (worn, similar) and thrifted (worn)
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bunnies and spray tan 1
If you've been around this blog, you can tell from my vampire-esque skin tone that I can not spend too much time in the sun.  Therefore, I also can not and do not tan.  Like any normal person I hate sunburn and skin cancer, so I wear a thick layer of SPF 9,000 and try to limit my time out in the sun during the summer months.  And I had never tried a spray tan because, well, I just don't like Snooki's look.  (Was that reference too dated?)  I also figured it would be sticky and weird.  For some reason I imagined spray tanning was like getting sprayed with a thin layer of grape jelly.  Welp, I was wrong.
bunnies and spray tan 4
I went in spray tanned in a Versa Spa.  And this thing is high tech.  (I really hope the prophecies of Terminator don't come true or computers don't become sentient.  Because this thing would mess some stuff up).  It was sooo super easy.  I showed up with a bathing suit under my clothes, stepped into the room, put on a shower cap, applied barrier cream to my hands and feet, and stepped into the spa.  Once you press the on button...the magic happens.  This thing talks you through the whole process.  You get sprayed on all four sides.  There are handy diagrams in the machine showing you how to stand.  And then you get blow dried.  Afterwards, just try not to sweat for a few hours and don't shower.  I was able to go about my normal day.  I wasn't sticky, I didn't smell, and I didn't even stain my car seat.
bunnies and spray tan 5
I did, however, make some rookie mistakes.  First, I did not apply enough barrier cream to my hands and feet.  the barrier cream prevent as much spray tan from getting on certain areas.  Because I am so light skinned, my hands and feet were a little speckly and then the spay tan settled in the wrinkles.  Second, I did not wipe off excess spay from my hands and feet.  Again, the spray just sat in my wrinkles.  Lastly, this dumb dumb left her bikini neck strap up, result in weird lines on my chest.
bunnies and spray tan 6
Will I go again?  Hell yes!  I felt great afterwards.  I thought it looked really natural.  The light setting was perfect for me.  I am planning on getting sprayed for an friend's upcoming wedding...and possibly for my own!

And now you can be the judge.  Sunless, Inc is giving the chance for one lucky reader to win a VersaSpa spray tan! (check the VersaSpa locations to find one near you).
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