Penniless Socialite: Stuff I Wore: Blogger FAIL and Garden Woes

Monday, May 14, 2012

Stuff I Wore: Blogger FAIL and Garden Woes

So, I attempted to publish my Weekend Sale Round Up and Beauty Deals posts from my iPhone while I was out and about on a busy weekend.  And well, as you can see....Blogger FAIL.  Has any one used the Blogger app for iPhone?  How have you liked it?
So, I will be back later today with the weekly Beauty Deals.
Noon and Night Dress // Anthropologie (worn here)
Jackie Cardigan // J. Crew (worn here)
Leopard Flats // Jessica Simpson (worn here and here, similar here)
Necklace // The Limited (similar here)

I didn't intend on talking about my inability to operate technology today.  Today I wanted to point out that I planted my little garden this weekend.  See that sad patch of dirt behind me? It now contains three different kinds of tomatoes, four different kinds of peppers, pole beans and some miscellaneous herbs, dahlias and zinnias.  And what you see in this picture is the largest bush of lemon balm ever that somehow survived the winter.  Seriously, if any one needs lemon balm, I am your girl.
However, Saturday night something dug up half the dahlia bulbs, took a bite of them and left them on the grass for me to mourn over.  Whatever little jerk did that also ate all the leaves off two pepper plants.  I hope that little brat got horrible indigestion.

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