Penniless Socialite: On a Budget: Sparkly New Year's Eve

Friday, December 28, 2012

On a Budget: Sparkly New Year's Eve

I promise this will be my last post about shiny, sparkly things that I can afford....for at least a week.  I go to a pretty casual party for New Year's Eve, so I decided to do dressed down fabulous.  What says fab casual like a sequin t-shirt.  The obvious theme of this post is sequins, but it's also about defeat.
On a Budget: New Year's Eve

J. beat me.  I did not want to pay $128 for that polka dot sequin top.  I didn't want to pay $80 when you put it on sale and I didn't even want to pay $56 when you took and additional 30% off sale items.  I thought I could find a cheaper version of your, but I was wrong.  I am sorry J. Crew, I just assumed that since cheap versions of everything you make flood the market within a few weeks.  (i.e. the Blogger Bubble Crusade of 2012).  So now, I am left to try and find an inly slightly cheaper version that isn't even polka dot for New Year's Eve.

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